Magic Of The Creative Ad Agency During T-20 World Cup

Cricket – one of the most loved games of people around the world, has gained a lot of media coverage over the years. There is an adrenaline rush during every match, be it the World Cup every 4 years, or the annual T-20 or Indian Premiere League (IPL), even Test matches are not far behind. Not only do people enjoy watching cricket sitting in their houses, but also enjoy going out to cafes and sports-bars to watch matches. These days, even theaters have started showcasing Live Cricket matches like IPL or T-20. Cricket has gained immense popularity, not only due to the game itself, but also because of the witty and savvy creative ad agency that works hard to take cricket fever to another level.

The Media definitely has the power to make or break any brand. BCCI and other sponsors for IPL have made optimum use of the media, to earn that top spot for cricket in the minds of the public. Their commercials, print ads, online campaigns, etc. are all well planned and so mind-blowing, that they quickly stick in the minds of people like chewing gum. When an ad agency is hired to work on a project, the client expects the highest quality ads, which should work wonders overnight. This is not possible all the time; but the way the media has hyped this game, it has become easier for ad agencies to quickly win the heart of millions, in a very short span of time.

A full service ad agency provides all ad-related services, because of its available resources, and generally never outsources work. The power holders and image builders of cricket generally hire an agency, that provides all services under one roof. These agencies do not restrict themselves to make an ad for a specific medium, but make ads for various other mediums that are available. The target audience of cricket is large and is spread everywhere. A 70 year old citizen can watch a TV commercial or read about it in the newspaper; while the youth also accesses these advertising mediums, along with online ads and radio ads. A full service agency can plan and execute a media plan for all these mediums in one place, and so, it earns preference over any other regular agency.

An advertising agency cannot afford to make any mistakes while creating an ad for cricket lovers, because people are emotionally connected with the game. It is important for the agency to constantly stay alert and highlight the positives, as much as they can. People working in such agencies need to be well-versed with the latest happenings, as well as should be witty and creative in their ideas. A small idea can make a big difference, and make even a small game seem large. Thus, an experienced agency is given the job with great responsibility, and high expectations in return. BCCI and other sponsors have done a great job in giving the contract to the right agency, as their campaigns are doing great everywhere, and people’s love for cricket has only increased.

Innumerable Gains with Online Media Job Search

Online media has proven its worth as an efficient platform of searching for an ideal job. With a computer and an internet connection, you can do your job search quite easily. This process can end up saving you time and spare you the hectic experience you would have with newspapers especially if you are a job seeker. Due to the wide range of categories that online media addresses, you are most likely to get to choose from many of the supply management jobs available to get one of your choice. There is also the guarantee of getting the job notification on what you prefer to do.

With online media, life can be simpler for you since there is a shift in the way you will search for procurement job profiles. Hunting for procurement jobs is more convenient and quicker, thanks to the all players’ readiness to embrace the internet. You do not need to spend a lot of time on the internet whenever you are searching for a job opening in the current job market. You have the option of avoiding the tedious process of browsing through the employment section of your local newspaper to look for procurement careers.

Online sources, among them the procurement job board, is efficient and you can use them to your advantage. With the board and many other online tools, the job market has not only broadened but is also more accommodating. As a job seeker in the procurement market, you can enlist the services of various online job sites that are dedicated exclusively for supply management job advertisements and job seekers. For job seekers, employers or recruiters, there are web portals that will make the whole process one where everyone is a winner. Jobs in procurement become easy to advertise and find.

To increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams, you will need to first of all get the reputed job portal in the procurement sector. From the portal you will find out about the many job openings in the supply management jobs field. The process of searching for a job online offers plenty of flexibility as well as multiple search options to you if you are aspiring to find a job that matches your qualifications. You have the advantage of using a variety of filters so as to have a hassle free process of searching for the job of your choice.

Apart from helping you get a suitable job, the procurement job board can also help you to choose the employer of your choice and the city or town you want to work in. You can filter your procurement employment search process based on your skills, salary and location among other factors. If you are interested in procurement jobs in a certain state, you can easily obtain all-round lists of job chances in that field after providing your information. With a few clicks at the comfort of your office or home, you would be able to use online media to get your desired job.

Use Of Ad Agency By Politicians

Elections are around and so is the buzz to create a revolution in India. Print ads, banners, hoardings, online ads, TVCs and radio ads – the leading voices to build a healthy future of our country are everywhere. The common man and politicians, both are totally pumped up to bring in the much needed change and generate awareness about the benefits of voting. However, this time around, it is not merely about votes; the buzz has risen to a new level. It is more about showing and trying to prove oneself; how the existing party has failed to serve our country well, and that, it’s time to change the existing political hold. The BJP has hired a creative ad agency and invested big money to promote Narendra Modi (a.k.a. NaMo) and his party. The agency is doing a great job by bombarding people every 7 minutes to vote NaMo and change the poor situation of our country.

An ad agency these days have a wide range of clients. Their work is not just limited to advertising their products and services; but these days, they have a new responsibility to promote people as brands. Many businessmen and politicians are using this medium adequately to increase their status in society. Politicians have realized that, promoting their political party as a brand is the latest trend, and works wonders with the target audience. Not only full-flourished political parties make use of these ad agencies, but also the local parties. Ad agencies come up with brilliant ideas for them, so that they can connect with their local audience emotionally and gain their trust. These agencies now hold the power to influence the resolutions of general public, and change the future of our country.

A creative advertising agency needs to have strong contacts to earn a political contract. It is a great responsibility to advertise a political party on a massive level and influence the decision of the general population. A lot of research is required to create ads for political parties. If the ads are designed in such a way that they have a direct comparison with the opposition party, then it is indispensable for them to get the facts absolutely right. The agency can conduct surveys, do online research, have interviews, check on past records, progress graphs, etc., to make an ad that reflects the brand and conveys a positive message to the target audience.

Working for an advertising agency is a highly creative and responsible job. It takes a few seconds for an advert or video to go viral, and build or destroy the image of your client. Especially for sensitive topics where an entire country is involved and considering the sentiments of common people, it is necessary to be extra careful. Accurate knowledge of the given topic and an idea that can make a difference, will work wonders. Only after the elections will we know whether spending all that money in advertising really made a positive difference, and influenced the minds of common public or not?

How An Ad Agency Can Avoid Wastage In Its Ad Campaigns

In every ad agency, four elements are extremely important – Time, Energy, Money and Space. It is essential for advertisers to formulate a plan before starting every project, and implement their plan in each and every stage of execution. If a proper plan is not followed, then chances of wasting the four elements are high. These are the four precious rules in the Advertising Rulebook. Every ad person must take extra care before using time, energy, money and space on any given task. Since advertising is an expensive business, the loss of these four elements is considered as the greatest loss in the industry.

A Creative advertising agency usually has a detailed plan to execute their ideas, and create a brilliant ad. They conduct a thorough research on their target audience and their possible times of watching television or going online. If the advertiser fails to broadcast the ad at the right time, then it results in a complete waste, as the aim of publishing or broadcasting the ad is not fulfilled. The aim of the ad was to reach to the audience and leave an impact; but the first step of reaching to the audience on time was not successful. Lack of exposure to the ad is nothing but a waste of time. Thus, every advertiser must conduct their research, and place the ad in the media at the right time, to reach the desired audience.

The next is waste of money! Many advertisers have big plans in their heads about advertising a product or service, and launching it on a large scale. If the rules are not followed, then there are high chances of their dream turning into nightmare. A lot of money goes into making even a small 1 to 2 minute ad. The cost of lighting, set, actors etc., are very high; hence, it is important to make proper use of the money invested. A full service advertising agency is mostly fully equipped, and can experiment with their concepts; but other ad agencies do not have the liberty to experiment. Thus, a waste of money should be avoided and the plan to execute the ad should be precise and cost-effective for best output.

Waste of energy is observed when the ad goes unnoticed. A lot of people work to make a small ad, right from directors and actors to spot boys, energy of every individual is invested in shooting a simple small ad of less than a minute. If the ad fails to reach the target audience in the given time frame, then it is a complete waste of the energy invested in the making. It is the same case with wasting space. When an ad is placed in the media in the wrong area and fails to reach the target audience, then it leads to waste of space. Be it a classified ad or a television commercial, waste of space is observed everywhere.

Thus, every creative ad agency must plan in advance, and follow simple rules to avoid wastage, as far as possible. To avoid this waste, research on advertising and the industry is extremely important.